Silverball Chronicles Ep 8: Moving Units Part 2 – The Class Of 1981

Episode Summary

David and Ron are going to finish what they started last month. As mentioned in the previous podcast, from 1975 to 1980 Bally were breaking sales records. It seemed that Paul Faris’s art team could do no wrong but by 1981 the gaming industry’s footing was feeling shaky.

In an effort to hold ground and boost sales Bally push out some of their most creative works ever. The Class of 1981 was, and still is, the pinnacle of pinball art.

Join us as we talk about Xenon’s tube shot and sound package, polaroid pictures, Kevin O’Connor’s jeep,  Claude Fernandez stealing design ideas from Steve Ritchie, Margaret Hudson being a trail blazer for woman in pinball, annoying in lane/out lane designs and the peak of Bally’s stunning art design. Also, did you know Kevin O’Conner had a jeep?